01. His son had to register at a school in a different [district] after getting kicked out of the local school.
02. We visited the super-expensive shopping [district] when we were in L.A.
03. We have to take our daughter to the [district] health clinic to get her vaccinations.
04. They are opening their workshop in the industrial [district] on the outside of town.
05. Crime is a serious problem in the [district], but the mayor has promised to take action.
06. We are thinking of moving our used CD store into a neighboring [district] where there are more young people.
07. Police in the [district] know that drugs are being sold in this area, but so far they have been unable to gather enough proof to charge anyone.
08. Amsterdam's red-light [district] is one of the few places in the world where prostitution is perfectly legal.
09. The [district] superintendent is coming to talk with the principal today about problems with violence in the school.
10. The courts of the American federal system are divided into 94 judicial [districts].
11. On September 11, 2001, terrorists flew jet airliners into the World Trade Center in the heart of the financial [district] of New York City.
12. Gruyère cheese comes from the [district] of La Gruyère in Switzerland.
13. Thailand is divided into 76 provinces, which are further divided into over 800 [districts].
14. Children cannot play on a team which is in a different [district] from where they live unless they get permission from the local association.
15. Mozambique's ten provinces are divided into about 94 [districts] and many smaller townships.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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